Company profile

A-Resins BVBA was established in March 2013. The mission is to develop, produce and commercialize specialty compounds for technology leaders in the plastics industry. The company does not aim for commodity applications, but for real innovations and emerging markets where material properties play a central role. Additionally, A-Resins offers our customers consulting services in challenging R&D projects, delivering advanced technological input.

Kristof Callewaert has a decade of experience in industrial environments. The combination of knowledge in plastics converting, custom made compounding and polymer chemistry is quite advantageous for its customers. A-Resins’ experience includes:

  • additive manufacturing (3D-printing),
  • customized compounding,
  • adhesive formulations,
  • renewable materials and ingredients (PLA, PCL, saccharides, …),
  • curable systems (epoxy, acrylates, urethanes),
  • fire –retardant features,
  • recycling of thermoplastics and thermosets,
  • polyurethane formulations,
  • foam extrusion technology,
  • surface modification

No cure-no pay
A-Resins develops and commercializes new products/technologies for the customer.

Joined development

Joined product development with beforehand agreements about sharing the development costs and resulting profits; and identifying sales channels.

Project work
New IP and formulations are entitled for the customer only. Fee cost are depending on the size of the project.

Public funding
A-Resins composes, submits and coordinates grant proposals like e.g. IWT-funding, enabling to reduce project costs for the customer.


Kristof Callewaert